LARGS has become the first place in North Ayrshire to host a mobile Covid-19 testing centre.

The temporary facility, situated at the Vikingar! on Monday and Tuesday, allows people with symptoms to receive a free swab test after making an appointment.

The centre is an 'early New Year present' for Largs according to councillor Alex Gallagher.

He said: "It is definitely a step in the right direction.

"Mobile testing centres have been in use elsewhere and it is a good system, a well rehearsed fast process."

Despite Largs and North Coast Covid figures being relatively low to elsewhere in the region, Councillor Gallagher explained the reason why Largs was chosen to host the facility.

He said: "We have a largely elderly population here and it is prudent to have the mobile test centre nearby if that demographic is showing symptoms to have them tested quickly."

Councillor Tom Marshall also welcomed the facility's arrival.

He added: "I have a friend who used the mobile test centre at Glasgow Airport and it was highly efficient and I expect that this one to be the same.

"It will move around the council area and will allow people to get a test close at hand and reassure themselves that they are infection free and not a danger to others."

Those tested at the Largs mobile centre are expected to receive their result the next day.

People are asked to confirm their identity on arrival and are then issued with a kit and directed to a testing booth where they are given guidance on how to take swabs from both the nose and mouth.

The swab test takes less than a minute and is relatively pain free.

After safely completing the test, a testing assistant provides advice on how to register the test online by phone and then how to exit the centre.

If the test is positive, the person will be contacted by NHS Scotland tracers. They will help identify who the person has been in contact with, protecting others from further transmission. Close contacts will also hear from contact tracers, asking them to stay at home for 10 days to prevent them from unknowingly spreading the virus. They will also be advised to also book a test if they develop symptoms.

Further sites across North Ayrshire are currently being considered as additional mobile testing locations. Updates on these will be provided in due course.