THERE will be extra gritting in and around Largs over the coming days after complaints over the state of roads and pavements earlier this week.

Councillors stepped in after most of town was described as 'like a skating rink' on Monday morning, with some falls reported.

Cllr Ian Murdoch said: "I have been contacted by several constituents recently regarding grit bins and gritting pavements and roads.

"I sent an email to a manager at the council's roads department about several roads that have not been gritted over the last few days. I asked for several roads to be gritted around Largs and I am pleased to say that they were all done.

"Pavements have been extremely bad, and these are treated by Streetscene, who I will also contact."

Cllr. Alex Gallagher, of the ruling Labour administration, said: "Given the prediction of an extended cold snap, I have asked council officers if they can find resources to treat more foot ways in the coming days.

"Gritters were out on Monday and covered a lot of streets which don't normally get done and they are working their way through them.

"It is just the way it works that there are priority routes.

"I would love it if the council had the money to treat every street and pavement in town, but it is just not feasible."