Largs residents have been left mystified by a late night 'explosion' in certain areas of the town. 

Dozens of residents reported hearing a loud bang and what sounded 'like an explosion' in the early hours of Monday morning. 

A post online has racked up almost 60 comments, with residents from across the town reporting hearing a similar noise around 3am. 

However, no cause has yet been identified and those who heard the noise have speculated about its cause. 

The original poster asked: "Did anyone hear a loud bang around 2:45am this morning? It was loud enough to waken me in the Netherall/Aubrey area.

"It was like an explosion but i have not heard or read anything about it, i'm glad i wasn't the only one to hear it."

Dozens of residents have since claimed to have heard the noise in areas across the town, including Douglas Street, Nelson Street and Allanpark Street. 

One resident said they had 'never heard anything like it', whilst others said it 'definitely wasn't a firework'. 

The Police had recieved no information about the sound when contacted by the News. 

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