Clydeport Operations are seeking a change to planning guidelines 'in the interest of safety'.

A planning application has been submitted to the council which reflects the decommissioning of the neighbouring nuclear power station in future years. 
Talks between operators Peel Ports and EDF Energy have resulted in a fresh re-drawing up of the specific guideline which has been submitted for approval.
In this week's Planning Notice, Clydeport explained: "The power station will shortly cease to operate and long term decommissioning will begin. However the condition doesn't explicitly address the decommissioning phase."
"The proposal now addresses both the operation and the decommissioning of the power station.
"It will provide certainty for any party who may undertake operations within the construction yard in reliance on any planning permission. 
"Secondly, a revised condition will provide comfort to EDF that the requirements of the condition will provide ongoing control, and won't end upon the cessation of generation."
Clydeport state that the change is to 'ensure that the development does not affect the operation or decommissioning of the power station in the interest of safety'.

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