Largs war veteran Jack Ransom told the News he is as 'pleased as punch' to be getting his first jab of the Covid19 vaccine today.

Both 100 year old Jack, and his 90 year old wife Maddie will be heading to the Brooksby Medical and Health Centre after receiving their letters through the post.
The centenarian was emotional when speaking to the News about the difference it could make to people's lives.
He said: "I received my letter in the post last Friday morning that I am to get the the vaccine on Saturday January 23 at 9.20am at Brooksby.
"Both Maddie and me are going -I am at 9.15am and Maddie is at 9.20am.
"I have survived so many things in my life and I am as pleased as punch to be getting the vaccination at long last.
"I think my recent comments may have spurred something on but hopefully this is just the start of a way out of this awful pandemic for everybody.
"I am going to live for as long as a I possibly can - I am a survivor!"
Jack, who is President of the Largs branch of the Royal British Legion, is one of the last surviving war veterans who survived being a Prisoner of War in the infamous Burmese Railway during World War II, and suffered starvation, weighing only six stones and was forced to eat charcoal just to survive.
His 100th birthday celebrations had to be cancelled last year, and it looks like his second Covid19 jab will be near his 101th birthday which would be the perfect present for Jack.