A LACK of progress on bridge repairs in Halkshill Estate has sparked anger among walkers.

Ramblers have faced eight months of frusttration since the bridge was closed - despite outdoors activity being encouraged during the pandemic.

The bridge over the Gogo was closed in June amid safety fears - leading to a string of complaints from locals.

A proposal to plant 1.2 million trees in the back hills of Largs was given the go-ahead in 2019, and Ian Dippie, of the Save the Gretas group, and Cllr Ian Murdoch have both been working on improving access with Tillhill, who are the forestry management team.

One of these is to repair or replace the Gogo Bridge, which has been deemed unsafe. Meanwhile a proposal to develop a safe off road link path between the forestry exit at Blairpark and the Kelburn windfarm track across the A760 is also on hold.

Councillor Murdoch said: "I have contacted the owner and I am working with the Halkshill and Blairpark Access Forum to get a new bridge.

"I have taken the access officer with me to on site meetings. I can assure you that we are doing everything we can to make this happen.

"Ian Dippie has been extremely active on this too."

Mr Dippie told the News of his frustration at ongoing remedial works at the site which have lasted 'too long' in his view.

He said: "Tillhill are finalising an application for grant funding to replace or restore the Gogo Bridge, a link path near Blair Park, and that should have been tendered before Christmas as far as I understand it.

"There still appears to be ongoing hydro works remedial work on the site which is quite frankly ridiculous.

"The partially completed public path up over the Cauld Rocks has been very well received and that will be good when it is complete, but we need to see progress on these other projects."

Picnic areas and information and direction boards will also be installed to support new public recreation provision around Halkshill and Blairpark estates.

A preferred crossing point has also been identified between the east and west bus stops next to the entrance to the crematorium.

Councillor Murdoch added: "Regarding the closed footbridge across the Gogo Burn, several of my constituents have complained to me about the loss of this popular and extremely well used access.

"I have explained to them that this is not council property but a private estate.

"However, there has been public access across this bridge for as long as I can remember and I have respectfully asked if this bridge can be repaired or replaced.

"This would be of great help to the local community and I am sure would be of benefit to the management of the estate."