THE idea of a new ferry terminal to help fix annual congestion problems in Largs has been suggested by a Cumbrae community councillor.

At the latest meeting of the Cumbrae Community Council, Charlie Shaw put forward an idea for a new terminal to be built at Largs Yacht Haven, pictured.

He believes this could link into a new park and ride scheme at the site where a new railways station has already been proposed by local officials.

Mr Shaw explained: “I raised a left field possibility for a new ferry terminal on the mainland at the recent Cumbrae Ferry Users Group meeting.

“The problems on the mainland all centre around the road layout around the ferry terminal in Largs.

“For me, the solution to this would be to develop a park and ride system with a new train station at Largs Yacht Haven - and build a ferry terminal there.

“It is no further across the water to the Cumbrae slip than the current Largs terminal and would mean Largs isn’t full of cars as well.”

However Councillor Ian Murdoch, who has backed plans for a new train station at the marina, says the idea of a new ferry terminal outside of Largs isn’t unlikely to muster much support.

He explained: “The new train station at the marina was an idea that I came up with in 2013, after noticing single carriage trains between short-hop stations on holiday in France.

“I realised that is what we need for Largs, a service from the main station to the marina in between other regular services.

“This kind of park and ride would connect the marina to the town and to Glasgow - and reduce traffic in Largs.

“However, I can’t see them moving the ferry terminal any time soon. CMAL owns the new Largs Pier and it is very helpful to the town’s economy.”

Community council chairman Graham Wallace suggested that the idea could be looked at as part of wider plans to overhaul the ferry service during the ten-year island's plan.

He said: “We’ve got a ten-year roadmap for the island and I am sure this kind of stuff will be looked at in depth by planners.

“The traffic queuing on both sides is a short-term issue, but I am sure that the terminal could be looked at long term.

“The ten-year plan is meant to reflect the views of the community, so let’s hope that is true.”