LARGS News Camera Club members have captured the big freeze this week with some stunning photos of the icy scenes around the area.

Regular contributor Ian Dalgleish captured a stunning snowy scene from Largs Golf Club and also managed a 'cold snap' of the burn near Largs marina, which was frozen over in places.

West Kilbride's George Crawford captured an excellent shot of the frozen farm field which has iced over yet again this winter.

Largs winter wonderland was captured by Maureen Scholes as some of the grass in the fields turned into icicles.

Raibeart MacAoidh showed off the cold snap in all its glory with a magnificent shot of the Kel Burn in winter's grip.

News reader Julie Cockerill was on a hike up the Gretas and captured a superb panoramic view of the snowy peaks of Arran and the magnificent vista of the Clyde.