LARGS councillor Ian Murdoch said he is delighted to have secured a bus shelter at one of the most exposed stances on the local route.

Berni Fleming, who lives in Curlinghall, told the News he was delighted after raising the need for shelter with the local elected member.
He said "On Saturday morning, it was minus-7 degrees and windy - so it was very unpleasant if you were waiting for the bus.
"Some passengers were in danger of being blown away and were drenched. It can be very blustery near the coast.
"Some residents have no choice but to wait in their houses and then have to dash out before the bus arrives.
"All the other people that live in Curlinghall - a number of whom do not have a car - rely on the Largs Local bus which stops for getting into town and going for shopping.
"There is a shelter at the next bus stop but that is further along so it is no good for people who may be older or less mobile.
"Some of the drivers agree that this was the worst bus stop on the whole route for being so exposed to the elements."
Councillor Murdoch said: "I was happy to assist Berni. I took the matter up with North Ayrshire Council and they are looking into the matter with SPT to get a shelter installed.
"The bus stop is in a very exposed position. There is already a shelter in Castlebay Court so it makes sense that there should be a shelter across from Curlinghall.
"The Largs Local is a very important service - and the bus stop is very exposed there. I am glad I could help."