A LARGS tourism champion has voiced concerns about the town's future as a holiday resort after the loss of the iconic Queen's Hotel.

Ron Muir, who has previously promoted the town on national TV, believes the area's position as a leading tourist destination is now under threat.
The 77-year-old says more must be done when the pandemic ends to promote the town locally and nationally in a bid to reinvigorate the sector.
He added: "The Queen's was a familiar landmark for a number of years and it is the latest in a long line of such establishments which have either disappeared or been converted into flats over the last 50 years.
"When the last Town Council brochure was produced in 1974 there were 22 hotels, 26 guest houses and two caravan parks listed.
"Now we are down to four hotels in the town - and two of them are up for sale. The only guest house left from that list is the Braeside GH - not good enough for a town which is considered a holiday destination.
"This should be seen as a serious problem because visitors will not come and won't spend if there is shortage of places. They will move somewhere else. 
"As someone who had accommodation and was heavily involved promoting Largs as a place to visit, to it is very disappointing to see the state the industry is in now."
Largs has attracted three National Mod festivals since the 1950s, but Ron believes that unless the accommodation situation is improved, the town can wave goodbye to hosting such major events.
The pensioner, who lives in Douglas Street, added: "When we last hosted the Mod in 2002 it was a struggle, with many people having to stay in accommodation outwith the local area.
"It really now depends on what the town wants to be? I have lived here since 1969 and have been involved in Largs Rotary, Largs BID and Largs Initiative, as well as the Largs and District Tourist Association.
"I remember doing a live broadcast to London for 'Working Lunch' on the BBC from Nardini's on the day the Vikingar! opened. We are a million miles from that type of exposure now.
"It is difficult for places like The Willowbank Hotel as it has lost out with coach tour companies going out of business. That was a big part of their income.
"When I first came to Largs there was a strong hotel background in the town but even in the last 20 years or so we have lost a lot including the Springfield, The Priory House/Elderslie, South Bay Hotel/Moorings Hotel, and now The Queen's."
During the Largs BID campaign, television and digital advertising promoted Largs around Scotland as a premier short stay destination.
Ron added: "We were taking Largs to the next level but it feels now like we have taken a step backwards.
"The town needs to decide if it wants to be a holiday town or not. You are going to be seeing more in the way of 'staycations' over the coming year and we need to be able to capitalise on that."