There was a surprise visitor to the Clyde Coast this Tuesday lunchtime.

The HMS Severn is currently moored on the Clyde between Largs and Fairlie.

It is a river class patrol vessel built by Vosper Thornycroft at their Woolston yard in 2002.

With her sister ships Tyne and Mersey, she is one of three offshore patrol vessels based around the UK every day of the year.

The second of the original run of River Class ships, she owes her nickname of 'Lucky Severn' to the namesake submarine which came through all of World War 2.

The HMS Severn is well travelled - participating in an eight month stint in the Caribbean in 2015, and patrolled home and oversea waters as part of its remit until 2017.

She became the first Royal Navy vessel in nearly 40 years to be recommissioned, brought back to life and recommissioned in 2020.