A Largs spiritual medium and humanitarian believes she had Covid and feared for her life before the pandemic took hold in the UK.

Author Jane Dawson revealed that she suffered from loss of taste and smell last March - and feared she was going to die after being laid low for six weeks following a trip to Spain. 
She recently took an online antibody test via Superdrug which checks for immunity to Covid19 and was relieved to see she had developed sufficient antibodies which strengthens her belief that she did originally have Covid19.
Jane said: ""We see the daily statistics but these figures don't show the asymptomatic cases so we have no idea how long Covid was here in the UK before it was really recognised.
"I’m still getting the vaccine jag, as I was very ill but it didn’t go to lungs thankfully, and I am keen to avoid a repeat of that unpleasant episode. 
"I never thought I’d welcome a jab, or miss the gym come to that. Bring on the freedom from restrictions and disease."
Jane stated that she had friends who had varying effects from Covid19 from being asymptomatic to being seriously ill in ICU.
She said: "I was in Spain and I came home and felt quite unwell for two weeks before I got really ill.
"It didn't go into to my lungs, and I didn't have a cough, but I had a raging fever and my body was aching, and this went on for three weekends, and I lost my taste and smell. I couldn't get a doctor out at the time and I had the absolute fear - it was very real.
"I am a very resilient woman but anyone less resilient would have really suffered and it would have been like hell. I wouldn't want anyone to go through what I went through."
And as well as her spiritualism, Jane is running a new entrepreneurial humanitarian project to help communities around the world which have been devastated by tornadoes and hurricanes.
She said: "I am helping to rebuild communities devastated by weather events and provide hurricane proof buildings including hospitals, homes and schools - it is mainly in Florida and some of the Caribbean islands, but we have also had interest from Africa, and using a Hempcrete build - it is similar to concrete but made with hemp plant where cannabis comes from which has very healing aspects for the human body, and can also help in the making of rope and fabric.
"The housing project is very eco-friendly and I am starting up a new company - Jane's Homes - which will be working out of Florida with business partners."
Jane added that she was working with a number of businesses on the initiative, and said: "It is a joint effort - some areas of the Caribbean have no schools or hospitals and it is hell for these people and we are looking at homes for all ages and examining different funding sources.
"I have got a passion for helping people and that has been my driving force." 
Jane has been influenced in her humanitarian effort by late mum Mary Dale, who lived in Noddleburn in Largs.
Jane is also being kept busy with her spiritual guidance and runs JDTV - Jane Dawson TV - and has an online show via her Facebook page with regular guests with the motto Be Inspired, Be Healed and Be Transformed, and after her own close shave with Covid19, is also carrying out a number of consultations online.