A sports club in Fairlie is counting the cost after a tennis net was kicked over by a young vandal.

And as a result Fairlie Community Sports Club are appealing for help to identify the culprit.
A spokesperson for Fairlie Community Sports Club said: "Our tennis net on our new court was kicked over in an act of vandalism which was witnessed by a passer by.
"However the identity of the boy aged about 12/13 is unknown. 
"The result of this act of vandalism is that we will need to purchase a new portable tennis net and remove the existing posts which were concreted in at a cost of approximately £700.
"Whilst we do this the court will remain closed. 
"We have also taken the decision to lock the games area until further notice, however if members wish to play in the meantime please contact us on 07958 154888 to obtain access. 
"We would also be grateful if anyone has any information on the culprit if they could pass it on and we can ask the police to deal with it. 
"As members and residents of Fairlie know we have tried to adopt an open door policy for those who wish to use our modern facilities, however we have now taken the decision that from now on only those who pay the £5 per month membership will be able to use the facilities.
" If anyone needs information on how to join the club please contact us on the number above."