A local councillor is being driven 'potty' by the poor surface at the turning point on the A78 in Skelmorlie.

While some of the potholes have been filled in, these are only temporary repairs, and Independent councillor Ian Murdoch, pictured, is calling for a permanent solution.

He said: "I have received several complaints about the poor surface of the turning point on the A78 in Skelmorlie.

"I would be grateful if you could arrange for the turning point connected to Long Hill in Skelmorlie to be surveyed and resurfaced.

"There have been a significant number of complaint from residents on this.

"Some of the potholes have been filled recently. However, this will not last and it really needs a permanent fix by resurfacing."

Amey have responded to Cllr Murdoch and said: "I will arrange for a scheme to be raised for the new financial year to address this.

"In the meantime, our inspector will record any recurring and new potholes for repair, till a design is carried out and programmed for construction."

Ian added: "I am very pleased that this area will be resurfaced and also that the area will be maintained until a scheme is designed and eventually constructed some time in the next financial year."