CONCERNS have been raised after a decision was taken to allow the Largs seafront car park to open over the Easter weekend.

During the commencement of lockdown, the council decided to close all public car parks as a deterrent to people visiting the area - but have allowed the busy facility to in the heart of the town to remain operational this time around.

Community councillor Patricia Perman has questioned the decision - saying it poses a potential risk to public safety.

She told the News: "Having this open is encouraging people to come and visit Largs, breaking lockdown rules.

"On a sunny weekend, you will see the car park half to three quarters full, and I doubt these people are all local."

Independent councillor Ian Murdoch also voiced concerns.

He added: "The fact is that the public toilets and the seafront car parks are allowed to stay open because of a change in Scottish Government guidance during the second lockdown.

"It is not the car parks that bring people to Largs - it is the prom and the nice views. Irresponsible people will come regardless and I have grave concerns about the Easter weekend.

"Normally I would be screaming from the rooftops encouraging people to come to Largs but at this moment in time it is not the responsible thing to do."

Sergeant Sharon Kerr told the News plans are in place to deal with any possible influx of tourists over the holiday period.

She said: "Rest assured, there will be additional police and reinforcements in place for busy times.

"There are plans afoot to keep everyone safe and in order. I would say to readers not to panic as the strategy is being developed as we speak.

"We also have concerns that the place will be busy and we will deal with this."

Police have re-iterated the 'Stay Local' message which is now in place as of today.