A GENEROUS youngster has been selling her unwanted toys to raise funds for Elaine Maltby’s cancer treatment.

Largs gran Elaine, 54, lost one of her eyes to cancer and it has now spread to her liver and is inoperable.

The Maltby family’s last hope is Chemosaturation Therapy, which saturates the liver, helping to deter further tumours from growing.

They are trying to raise £250,000 to pay for the treatment, which is unavailable on the NHS. So far the fun has reached £96,600.

Kind-hearted Erin Connick, 11, decided that any money raised from her annual toy clear out would be best going to Elaine’s fund.

Mum Laura says she is so proud of her daughter, with more than £60 raised already by the generous youngster.

She said: “We’ve never met Elaine, but we read about her story in the paper and my daughter and I were chatting about it.

“She sometimes has a clear out of her toys and will sell them online for a wee bit of extra pocket money.

“I was telling her all about Elaine’s situation and my daughter decided she wanted all of the money to go to her fund.

“It was really nice of her and after selling a few bits and pieces she is now at around £60 which is great.”

Laura says despite the fantastic overall amount raised for Elaine so far, there is still a long way to go and is encouraging others to get involved.

She said: “It was the name that caught my attention at first as Elaine’s father-in-law was one of my teachers at Ardrossan Academy.

“It’s a horrible position to be in. It seems wrong that she has been working all her life and the NHS cannot cover the treatment.

“She still has a long way to go and it will only take the right people to see her fundraiser for her to get there - but the more than everyone else can do the better.”

Laura has praised her daughter, and says it came as no surprise to see her generosity shine through when she heard about Elaine’s situation.

She explained: “Emily is a very kind-hearted girl and not selfish in the slightest, so it wasn’t a total surprise that she wanted to help.

“She likes to make a bit of extra pocket money for herself, but she said without hesitation that she wanted to donate it.

“The fact that she decided off her own back with no input from anyone else is just fantastic and shows how everyone is getting behind Elaine’s fight.”

You can donate to help Elaine’s fight at https://uk.gofundme.com/f/vjkm9n-elaines-fight-against-cancer