COMMUNITY councillors on Cumbrae are looking ahead to tackling motorhome problems on the island once lockdown restrictions are eased.

Illegal parking of campervans is an issue each summer, with visitors stopping on island roads and blocking narrow lanes.

New motorhome pitches are due to be completed at the Garrison by the Cumbrae Community Development Company later this year in a bid to tackle the issue.

Now enforcement is being discussed as a way to deter inconsiderate tourists.

Community council chair Graham Wallace said: “This was a major problem when the first lockdown ended.

“Other islands in Scotland have a system where people in motorhomes have to show a booking for a site before they can travel on the ferry, and that works.

“We want to encourage people to use the new pitches at the Garrison and not all line up along the seafront."

Councillors Ian Murdoch and Tom Marshall believe that the future introduction of decriminalised parking could help alleviate the problem.

Cllr Murdoch said: “Enforcement will stop the issue within a week.

“As part of decriminalised parking we will have to employ wardens, and one of things I suggested is that wardens can also enforce bylaws.

“If word got around that £80 fines were being issued for illegal parking, then it would stop."

Cllr Marshall added: “North Ayrshire Council will try and include motorhomes in decriminalised parking so that we can force people to the right places on the island.”