A LARGS pensioner has called for a trip hazard in her sheltered housing area to be fixed after she suffered a serious fall.

Mary Donaldson says that the Moorburn Park block continues to be blighted by issues after the matter was highlighted in the News several months ago.

After taking a tumble outside her property, she has called on the council to attend to problems with cracked pavement and protruding drain covers.

Mary 74, said: "The pavement is a hazard.

"I am not the most mobile and use a walker but the pavement is a danger.

"A lot of the residents who stay here are at risk. Some of them are blind or have periphery vision. The council needs to level up the pavement.

"I am actually scared to go outside to the wee shop in case I fall again.

"There is also been lighting problems at the sheltered housing complex and some of them off again.

"Again, we have a lot of elderly residents who live here - they deserve much better."

Mary has already taken it upon herself to raise some issues and has managed to getting the main door buzzer fixed.

She said: "There have been a lot of problems with the accommodation. I can't actually do any more.

"My fall happened a few weeks ago but there is still some swelling under my wrist.

"The road needs to be levelled off at the drains, as you go down the path it gets worse. For older people with mobility problems who are dependent on that lane, it is a hazard."

Mary has been fighting for five years to have maintenance problems at Moorburn Park attended to. These have included a faulty fire door, repeated break-ins and faulty lighting - but was told by staff manning a council hotline that the matters 'aren't a priority'.

She has also cited a number of other matters at the Brisbane Road complex but says residents have been left waiting months for work to be carried out.

She said: "I feel like we are treated like the forgotten sheltered housing complex in the area."

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson: “We investigated the pavement and potential trip hazard last week and applied concrete around the drain cover to level this off. This is a temporary measure but should alleviate any safety concerns for anyone using the pavement.

“We are not aware of any current lighting issues at the sheltered housing unit having carried out and completed work in December.

"We will look into this again and if there are problems we will ensure these are resolved at the earliest opportunity.”