Famous Scottish comedian Fred MacAulay has an unusual memento from Kylie Minogue's visit to Largs in the 1990s during his popular McCoist and MacAulay show.

The 64 year old says it is a most unique piece of memorabilia from her visit to the Vikingar for the BBC1 Scotland show.
"I had broken my leg," said Fred, "and Kylie had signed the plaster cast. I don't think anyone else can quite say that. I still have it in the loft somewhere!"
"Having Kylie on the show was just incredible - it was one of those amazing things where everything just converged at the same time.

Largs and Millport Weekly News:
"It was perhaps the one and only time where we fell out with the producer as we used to have these pre-production meetings, and in our show, we used to have the guests sitting in the audience while not on set.
"Our first question was to be - Kylie, what the f_____ are you doing in Largs? But the producer said you can't swear as it doesn't sit with the branding of the show, but it lessened the comedy effect, so we just had to ask Kylie what brought her to Largs.
"The odd thing about her visit, as many people will remember at the time, is that she had to rush off to Glasgow Airport straight after broadcast as she was heading out to Australia to attend Michael Hutchence's funeral, as she was a former girlfriend of the INXS lead singer."
It was early in the programme's three year run, and the BBC team were particularly glad that their top guest showed after a no-show in their previous episode. Fred explained: "George Best was supposed to appear - he came up to Aberdeen with his wife, but for whatever reason he didn't turn up!"