A LARGS pensioner is making a fresh plea for parking permits to be introduced in his street after angry scenes between motorists and residents.

Andy Adair says he was verbally abused after a driver accused him of leaving a note on a car near his home while another neighbour has left her home to live with family after being shouted at.

Andy, 81, says he is fearful tempers could boil over when parking in Sandringham becomes even more problematic during the summer months.

The pensioner said: "Recently an awful lot of people who don't live here been leaving their cars and private hire vehicles.

"Last week someone went round and put a note on a windscreen of one of them which said 'do not park here'.

"An old retired woman in a flat was bawled at by a woman and a young man She panicked and became quite upset as she had no idea what they were talking about - it frightened the life out of her.

"She has left Largs to be with her family in Glasgow as she didn't feel safe.

"I then got a buzz on the intercom from a man who had parked there and received a similar note. He made all sorts of threats to me despite the fact I told him I had nothing to do with it.

"He had parked his van from Friday night until the middle of following week. He said he was going to take the matter to the police - and I told him to go ahead.

"We don't know who is putting the notes out, but it is likely someone who can't get parked outside their house, so you can see why they are upset.

"I think we need to introduce residents' permits and have contacted MSP Jamie Greene about it, but I'm still waiting to hear back.

"It is not even summer - it is lockdown and all the parking spaces are taken. It is going to be mobbed in the summer. A car even parked on the public footpath last year it was so bad."

Concerns have also been raised that vehicles have been parked at Sandringham for over a week as tourists head to Cumbrae. Andy says private hire cabs contracted to North Ayrshire Council have also been parked there - meaning that slots are becoming increasingly squeezed for locals.

He added: "The cabs need to have their own premises to have their cars - if you are going to run a business with five or six cabs it is going to take up these spaces. I have nothing against taxis - but I do believe we need parking permits as a priority."

In June 2019, North Ayrshire Council stated as a result of decriminalised parking in Largs town centre, the council would review the potential for resident parking permits in all areas affected 'to ensure local residents are not disadvantaged by the proposed changes'.

A spokesperson for North Ayrshire Council said: “We are currently progressing our plans which will allow the council to assume responsibility for enforcing parking regulations.

“Parking permits for specific areas are likely to be considered as part of the introduction of this.

“Until such a time, parking enforcement remains a matter for Police Scotland.”

West of Scotland Conservative candidate Jamie Greene said: "I am pleased to support the campaign for parking permits, having heard from residents and seen first-hand how problematic parking can be in this area.

"Those parking in the area should use common sense and respect local residents, particularly those who are elderly and vulnerable who need to park near their homes."