WEST Kilbride residents are coming together for a protest against the proposed relocation of the village library.

Residents are concerned that the current consultation by North Ayrshire Council will lead to the facility being moved from the historic building into the community centre.

Pauline Brady, who is organising the event on Saturday, says the community has been fighting to save the service for too long.

She explained: “The same things are happening to libraries in Glasgow and I saw photos online of a similar protest up there.

“We have been fighting to keep our library for as long as I can remember. It seems like its place in our community is constantly under threat.

“The council is looking to move it to the community centre, which is very popular in itself and is where a lot of different classes are held.

“If the library was moved there, we would also lose part of that building."

A petition to keep the library in its current location has been signed by more than 600 residents and Pauline hopes the weekend protest will boost its numbers.

She said: “We want to try and get some more momentum behind the petition so we can submit it to the council and we will be urging people to sign it on Saturday.

“We are asking people to bring a book and something to sit on, and it will be a read out protest to show how many people are in support of the library staying where it is.

“Over 50 people have shown their interest in attending so far, which is a great turnout for a small village like West Kilbride.

“If any residents appreciate the library and having that facility in the village then they need to turn up and show their support.”

Conservative councillor Todd Ferguson, who represents the village, believes the library must be protected at all costs.

He said: “I am fully supportive of the local community Read Out protest and the petition to save this valuable facility. I have continued to object to any plans to move the library from its current position.

“It is at the heart of the village, is custom-designed, and the local community fought hard to get it in the first instance.

“I would urge North Ayrshire Council to reconsider any plans it has to move it."

The Read Out will take place outside the library from 10am until 11am on May 1. Participants are invited to bring a book and something to sit on.

Readers can view the petition at https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/save-west-kilbride-library