Thought for the Week

by Reverend Jonathan Fleming of St John's and Cumbrae Parish Church

Bearing fruit

As I prepare to move along to Greenock: Lyle Kirk at the start of May, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the communities of Largs and Millport for their support, their encouragement and their friendship over these last 3 ½ years. It has been an honour to serve in both communities.

Restrictions continue to ease and life begins to reruns to some degree of normality for many.

As we enter a new different, there are many things that have changed around us. Some are positive and will hopefully go on into the future, particularly the camaraderie and community spirit that has thrived in our towns and villages and some negative, such as the huge impact that this pandemic has had on mental health, finance and relationships.

In Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus talks of the vine and the importance of pruning the branches to allow for new fruit to grow and for the vine to thrive.

Sometimes we tend to be too scared to prune a vine too much in fear of taking too much away! Sadly, this often results in nothing being pruned from the vine out of fear and nothing changes. Sadly this stops new growth and stifles progress.

As we enter this ‘new different’, perhaps we all need to ask ourselves what we need to prune from our lives to allow for ourselves and others to thrive... In doing so who knows what fruit we may bear as a result?