WORK to complete the Fairlie seafront path is progressing well.

The section between the steps at Jetty Road and the area leading to the boat slip in Bay Street is in the process of being finished off.

The new path route extends from from the south end of Bay Street to the north end of Ferry Row.

Both the contractor and supervising engineer have considerable experience of coastal work and previously built the path at The Pencil in Largs.

Councillor Alan Hill, who lives in Fairlie, praised the project.

He said: "The path looks amazing and with the rock armour on it it finishes it off quite nicely.

"Initially it looked like a lot of grey concrete but it now looks fantastic. We need a continuation so that it is the same along the rest of the beach.

"The council is in discussion with Sustrans about getting more funding for the remaining section.

"It has taken us seven years to get to this stage and hopefully those who were objecting have now had their minds put at ease that the outcome is not as bad as they may have feared and it can be delivered.

"Hopefully, once we get that final section done, it will mean that people can get access right along the seafront.

"I have spoken to a few people on the path and they have been really impressed. Hopefully those who had their doubts will be more supportive of the project moving forward."