Vaccination clinics are now welcoming people aged between 40 and 49 to come forward for their COVID-19 vaccination appointment.

So far the clinics have been well attended and the uptake for vaccine has been high.

However, there has been a delay for some local people receiving their blue envelope invitation letter in the post.

This means that a small number of people who are due to be vaccinated soon may not have received the details yet.

Assistant Director or Public Health, Lisa Davidson said: “We work with the national scheduling system to appoint local people to clinics we are running for the mass vaccination programme, so the appointment letters are printed and posted from a centralised point.

“The vast majority of people get their appointment letter with the details of their scheduled vaccination in plenty of time but we have become aware of issues for a small number of people either getting their letter very close to their appointment or after it was due to happen.

“To avoid any issues we are asking that anyone aged between 40 and 49 checks the online calendars for upcoming clinics in their area and if they have not received a letter please call the national helpline to double check your appointment time.”

The national helpline is 0800 030 8013.

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