A PUB in Largs is is hoping to go 'al fresco' this summer to offer outdoor hospitality, the News can reveal.

Stewart Grant, who owns both The George and Three Reasons bar, has decided to pursue the changes after keeping his premises closed as lockdown lifted due to their lack of outdoor seating.
Now he is set to ask council chiefs for the green light to introduce tables and chairs at the front of The George to get him back in business.
Stewart explained: "I think within the trade everyone has realised that we need to do the right thing and I am sure all the licensed premises will be relieved when everyone is back open.
"Without a beer garden, and not being able to sell alcohol inside in either of the premises, it is uneconomical to open either pub at the moment.
"We just need to wait until May 17 when we can sell alcohol inside.
"We've tried to do the right thing and announced that we would be closing for Christmas before the Scottish Government imposed the closure. We didn't want our staff to be put at risk.
"It turned out to be the right decision, I just feel that there is more to running a pub than money. You need to look at the big picture. My father Colin had cancer a few years ago and went a lot, then at the end of his treatment, the virus arrived and had to self isolate. That kind of thing changes your perspective on it all. 
"When I saw that Wetherspoons were allowed tables on the roadside, I though it was time to apply to get some tables and seats at the front of The George. It give us further options moving forward. Sadly we can't have a beer garden at the back of The Three Reasons due to lack of access.
"I wouldn't want to think about how much money we have lost during the pandemic, but as I said, some things are more important than money
"I know people in the town have suffered and my heart goes out to them. The virus has been a dreadful thing.
"I hope we are over the worst of it now and we are heading towards better times. I don't think we will have another lockdown - and don't think we can afford another lockdown."
Although he is yet to reopen, Stewart says he was pleased to see other traders start on the road to recovery last week.
He added: "It is great to see a buzz about the town with the shops and cafes and reopening.
"Yes, we have lost money during some of the busy weekends in Largs, but as long as we are all here this time next year that is all that matters."