CUMBRAE community councillors have added their voices to concerns over the controversial fish farm proposals off the island.

Dawnfresh Farming Ltd have applied to SEPA for a licence to operate marine rainbow trout farms odd the north west coast of Wee Cumbrae and of the main island.

Concerns have been raised by councillors, community councils and residents that the scheme will pollute the waters around the North Coast and islands.

Cumbrae Community Council chairman Graham Wallace says every beach on the island will be impacted if the plan is approved.

He said: “There has been a lot of reaction against these fish farms and it will affect us here on Cumbrae.

“You can see that the dispersal will come right onto Newton Beach and into Kames Bay.

“The chemicals that they use, plus spillage and drifting waste, will come in so every main beach we have will be impacted."

The new Controlled Activities Regulations licence would enable the company to operate a total of ten 120 circumference pens.

The application also looks for permission from SEPA to use chemicals Cypermethrin, Deltamethrin and Azamethiphos, which campaigners say will pollute local waters.

Mr Wallace believes it is imperative that communities work together to oppose the proposal.

He said: “There is quite a swell of objection. We can join forces with the other community councils and express our concerns too.

“This is just a science-based objection at this stage, the planning application will come after and we will see the real detail.

“When the community is trying to have a say in these things, we all need to work together because we don’t have any professional assistance.

“We’re fighting against billionaires over these issues and we are just a bunch of people in a Zoom meeting.”

Fellow community councillor Charlie Shaw agrees the development could have a real impact on the island.

He explained: “I think it is ludicrous to place three fish farms so close to an island that depends entirely on tourism.

“It will detract in every way possible from our business model and there will be no economic benefit to the island at all.”