VOLUNTEERS at the Millport Town Hall Charity are hailing a milestone moment - after receiving the keys to the historic building.

The charity has completed the asset transfer of the hall from North Ayrshire Council – and work on the building can now begin in earnest.

Angie McCallum, chair of trustees, hailed the moment as a huge moment in the fight to make the town hall the pride of the community.

She said: “This is a major milestone for us. It has been three years of very hard work.

“This is a very exciting and positive day for Cumbrae.

“It’s so nice and exciting to have something positive for the community after what has been a tough year.”

Angie says the next steps will be to get going with renovations.

She said: “We have been hampered by Covid-19 but we hope to get the building work started in August.

“As restrictions ease, we will be able to get back into the community and let everyone know what is going on.

“We are hoping to have an outdoor event at the end of July to celebrate and also launch membership of our charity.

“There will definitely be a celebration at some point because we have all worked so hard over the past three years.”

Ambitious plans for the building’s use are currently being considered and Angie says it will be for the community to decide how it is best utilised.

She said: “Many local groups have already expressed an interest in using one of the spaces in the main hall, the front room and the rear Community Hub which used to be the Lesser Town Hall.

“This will be a place for residents of all ages, a place for support groups, social groups, parties and events big and small with a new commercial kitchen available.

“We hope for badminton, table tennis, classes in dance, art, music, poetry, literature, tea dances, fish and chip nights – it is up to the community to develop what they would like.

“A planned Heritage and Conservation Centre in the basement will protect and preserve the all-important Millport Memories.”

People are encouraged to get in touch at info@millporttownhall.co.uk to put forward their ideas.

The charity is also seeking someone who would take on the role of volunteer secretary. Send an email if interested.