Largs residents have been naming and shaming the worst roads in the town for potholes - but do you agree?

The worst potholed street has divided opinion, with many opting for the much-criticised Flatt Road. 

The road is due to be resurfaced later this year, but it has been a problem for residents for several years. 

One resident called the road a 'bloody joke', and said he almost lost half his car when driving there. 

Mentions were also given to Brisbane Street, Nelson Street and Waterside Street, with one driver saying pothole repairs made up the entirety of the road.

A special mention was also given to Haco Street, Kelvin Street and Seamore Street.

One resident said that they "must be the bumpiest roads this side of the Amazon basin. You need NASA style technology on your car for it to be able to cope with the vibrations."