England are in the final of Euro 2020, which will see Gareth Southgate's side go head to head with Italy for a chance of lifting the trophy. 

It's the team's first major final in 55 years, and the hype around the match certainly reflects the magnitude of the event.

Even the Prime Minister can't hide his excitement and has suggested that England could get an extra bank holiday to celebrate if the Three Lions prove triumphant on Sunday night. 

Scottish football fans are divided into England and Italy supporters, but could Scotland benefit from the potential glory and gain an extra bank holiday? 

Here's everything you need to know...

Will England get an extra bank holiday if the Three Lions win the Euros? 

A petition to grant an extra bank holiday if England win the final of the European Championships on Sunday has received more than 300,000 signatures.

This is piling pressure on the Prime Minister, who has said that plans for celebrations would be laid out "in due course". 

However, the petition calls for the extra bank holiday to be imposed on Monday following the match, to allow people to be together for the event and to "continue to enjoy the win". 

Unfortunately Boris Johnson, who watched the team's semi-final against Denmark from Wembley's Royal box, said granting a bank holiday would be "tempting fate". 

It is thought around 8 million English fans have booked Monday off work to allow for celebration or commiseration. 

While it is unlikely workers will get a free pass off work on Monday, Downing Street is reportedly considering an extra bank holiday for August if England is successful. 

According to The Sun, Whitehall is "drawing up proposals" for a day off in August to allow fans to attend belated celebrations with no restrictions. 

This date would come after England's so called "Freedom" day on July 19, which will see the country abandon all remaining Covid restrictions. 

Will Scotland get a bank holiday if England win the Euros? 

It is unlikely Scotland would get a bank holiday if England beat Italy. 

This is because two different groups decide bank holidays in England and Scotland. 

While in England bank holidays are granted by Acts of Parliament, in Scotland it's the Chamber of Commerce which decides the days off. 

As a result, bank holidays in the two countries are very different, with only Christmas and New Year the same. 

When is the next bank holiday in Scotland?

With a holiday celebrating England unlikely to be on the horizon in Scotland, people can instead look ahead to early August, when Scottish banks will next close. 

Scotland will celebrate it's next bank holiday on August 2. 

It means that if England does go ahead with the extra holiday next month, Scots won't feel too left out.