CONCERNS have been raised over cars parking too close to a traffic lights at a busy junction in Largs.

The issue was raised by Largs Community Council in recent months and police have also been keeping a regular check on the situation at the junction of Nelson Street and Moorburn Road.

Now council chiefs are set to impose restrictions.

Roads bosses have said that there will be no parking due to 'inappropriate parking of vehicles which obstruct the flow of traffic through the signalised junction'.

The measures will be in place initially for 18 months.

Conservative Councillor Tom Marshall said: "This is a common sense move as there have been concerns raised about cars parked on the left and right hand side. This means if a car comes up to the signal, it blocks the the road and the sightlines. The council is going to great lengths to put down double yellow lines to stop car parking so close to the junctions.

"The only reason the traffic lights were put there was to cope with the flow to and from the former Largs Academy and Kelburn Primary, but now that they have moved up to the campus I think there is a fair argument that the traffic lights are not needed."

Independent councillor Ian Murdoch said: "It is good to see that the restrictions around the traffic lights at Nelson Street and Moorburn Road are being imposed.

"It is difficult to get parked anywhere in Largs but interests in the interests of public safety and parking laws I don't see how anyone can oppose this."