CALLS have been made to halt after-hours access to Largs Campus after kids were were spotted playing on its roof.

Extra security measures have been called for the youngsters were seen on top of the the early years centre at the building.

The incident comes just weeks after Fairlie schoolgirl Sarah Short died after falling from the roof of the Tesco building in Aitken Street - sparking calls to close off all access routes.

Catherine Anderson, 67, was walking her dog with a neighbour last Thursday evening when she witnessed the incident and raised the alarm.

Catherine said she felt compelled to raise the alarm to highlight the importance of parents knowing the whereabouts of their children.

She said "It was at around 8.15pm and the park was busy. I could see two children on top of the nursery roof at Largs Campus - it has a big flat roof.

"With what has happened in the town over the last few weeks, I was shocked to see how easily children were able to gain access.

"The boy was only around eight or nine and the girl was slightly older as she had a school leaver's jersey on.

"I dialled the police but it rang out so I've raised the matter with local councillor Ian Murdoch.

"Parents need to be pay closer attention to what their children are up to. This is very worrying and could easily have ended in tragedy.

"It is a danger and the authorities need to look at how children are getting up there and prevent access."

"It is essential that children are stopped from getting on to the roof - everyone in the community is still reeling about what happened to that poor wee lassie and we don't want a repeat."

Councillor Murdoch says he is now speaking to Police Scotland and North Ayrshire Council on the matter.

He added: "I would like to commend the actions of Catherine in bringing this matter to the fore. It was absolutely the right thing to do to highlight this.

"I have already raised the issue with senior officers and directors at North Ayrshire Council and I am hoping that Police Scotland will keep an eye on the campus. While the council look at preventative measures, it is vital that parents warn their children of the dangers of heights and prevent them from doing it there or anywhere else."

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “We are aware of a recent incident concerning the main plaza/roof terrace at Largs Campus.

“The area is safe when used responsibly, however, under no circumstances should anyone climb walls surrounding the space.

“We encourage members of the community to be aware of the dangers of such activity and will look to install appropriate signage in the very near future.”