A LARGS gran has hailed her 'second chance' as her life-saving cancer treatment continues.

Supporters of Elaine Maltby have raised more than £120,000 for private treatment to battle her rare aggressive liver cancer.

Elaine says the signs are positive as her tumours continue to shrink and told the News she is heartened by her progress.

She said: “Scans from my second treatment has shown a great reduction in the size of my tumours and I will be having a further scan beginning of August to see how things are going.

“I am blown away by my progress and so are the oncologists, who have said it normally takes a couple of treatments or more to see a difference.

“I feel on top of the world.

“I have been given this chance to really embrace my life. I'm doing things like kayaking with seals, going wild water swimming amongst and other outdoor adventures.

“I feel I have been given a sign to embrace life and everything in it.

“Six months ago I didn’t think I would make it to summer, but today I feel very much alive and enjoy waking up to enjoy the day ahead.”

Elaine says she is hoping one day her form of cancer will be treated through the NHS.

She explained: “My oncologist has discussed a fourth treatment and this will be arranged soon after my scan results.

“Unfortunately the NHS have not indicated when they will start funding for this treatment. It could be a long way off and when they do it will likely be under special circumstances only.

“I am praying that my tumours will stay away long enough for that to happen."

Elaine says that a fourth round of treatment could make a big difference in her fight for life - and is asking residents to keep backing her fundraising campaign.

She said: “My fundraiser which started in January has been a huge success so far, but all the funds raised have now nearly been used up.

“I need a further £25,000 to go towards my fourth treatment, and I am hoping that with everyone’s support yet again I can achieve this goal.

“Without it I am in danger of seeing those tumours grow again, but this fourth session may be enough to keep them at bay for a good length of time.

“We as a family appreciate everything people have all done for us and will forever be grateful for the generosity and support that the town has shown us.”

Elaine’s fundraiser can be found at www.uk.gofundme.com/f/vjkm9n-elaines-fight-against-cancer