AUBERY Boating Pond in Largs has been part of the local scenery for nearly 60 years and continues to be greatly admired and appreciated.

But the much-loved attraction almost never made it off the drawing board after a campaign within the corridors of power almost stopped it being built.

It was Bailie PM White who first suggested the project and there was a certain amount of opposition both inside and outside the council.

Only the intervention of influential political heavyweights, including Provost Herbert Acheson and Bailie White of Largs Town Council who were both strong supporters of the project, managed to push it through.

The idea for Aubery pond was Bert Acheson's idea-  Bert got the idea from Duthie Park in Aberdeen.

Their foresight proved to be beneficial for generations of children and now the more mature gentlemen at Largs Model Boat Club who use the facility.

For around 30 years, paddle-boats could be hired for 15 minute periods - and it was a winning formula with large queues every summer to get a turn.

There was also crazy golf, and table tennis indoors at the clubhouse area.

In a column in 1984, former News editor John McCreadie spoke of his love of the attraction.

He said: "I took a couple of my grandchildren there to let them have a shot on the paddle-boats and Mr Gary Kennedy, who has been an attendant at Aubery for the past three seasons, told me he could do with more such was the demand.

“When Provost Acheson opened Aubery Park in 1963, the charge for the paddle-boats was 6d, now it 25p - 10 times more - but I suppose that is supply and demand for you."

At the official opening speech in 1963, Provost Acheson informed the gathering that it was the first big council project for ten years - with the next being Largs Swimming Pool, which arrived in 1971.

He added that Aubery was designed by the burgh surveyor and you could almost be forgiven for thinking he had a crystal ball that told him how popular it would become.

He said: "I am certain when the grass grows and the shrubs and flowers bloom and blossom, we will have one of the loveliest corners the length and breadth of Scotland."

Over the years it has flooded in 2011, as one spectacular shot shows during a big winter storm, while in 2017 it had the opposite problem when drainage issue left it dry for 10 months.

And during harsh winters many have even been seen ice skating on the frozen surface.

With Largs Model Boat Club making good use of the pond, and new adult exercise equipment installed last year thanks to Largs Community Council, there is little doubting that the magic of Aubery lives on - all thanks to the efforts and endeavours of the original Largs town councillors.

Model Boat Club picture: Louise Tait/Largs and Millport Camera Club.