WAVERLEY-MAD Millport residents took just 36 hours to raise enough money to buy an eight-foot-long model of the iconic paddle steamer for the island.

A total of £1,600 was needed to snap up the detailed recreations of the famous paddle steamer, thought to be the largest replica of the Waverley in existence.

Islanders mounted a campaign to purchase it with the view of giving it pride of place in Millport Town Hall when it is fully refurbished.

Resident Philomena Doig spearheaded the fundraiser.

She said: “The idea first came from someone on Facebook who suggested that someone in Millport might like to purchase the model.

“I offered an alternative suggestion that Millport residents could set up a GoFundMe page and ask for the money to buy the boat and display it on the island.

“Everybody agreed and said it was a great idea, so I thought it would be worth trying to organise a fundraiser.

“I contacted the owner and explained what we wanted to do and he said he would be delighted if it all worked out and the boat could make it to Millport.”

Philomena says that a lot of work has gone in to organising the model’s careful passage to the island from its previous home on the Isle of Wight.

She said: “There was nothing to protect and package the boat for transportation but we managed to get a carpenter to make a solid case and we organised a courier to bring it to the island.

“We can't wait to put it on display in Millport's new town hall when it is ready to open.”

Philomena has praised residents for the way they got behind the idea.

She said: “We raised the money so quickly, which was amazing.

“It’s not just locals that have donated, a lot of second-home owners, holiday makers and day visitors supported the bid.

“Millport has been one of the main stops for the Waverley for many years and a lot of people come to the island on the iconic ship."

Angie McCallum, pictured, chair of the Millport Town Hall Charity, says the Waverley is ‘an important part of Millport history and means a lot to so many people’.

She added: "The model is a custom build with a fitted out interior including carpets in first and third class, and trimmed seats.

"Our Waverley will have a safe home until Millport Town Hall is ready. It will be staying with Easyjet CEO Garry Wilson, who is also a patron of the Millport Town Hall Charity."