A CONCERNED councillor has called on jet-skiers and speedboat drivers to take extra care when on open water.

Ian Murdoch has spoken to the police after community concerns were raised on the Isle of Cumbrae about the risks being posed during the warm spell of weather.

He said: "The fact that there is additional noise and showboating is a concern. These people need to be extra careful now with the rise of wild swimming.

"We also have the sightings of dolphins on the Largs coast in recent weeks - and we don't want to see them get upset."

Councillor Murdoch says he decided to highlight it to police at a recent meeting after hearing of locals' concerns.

He said: "There are no crimes at the moment, and nothing that would warrant any action, but police have been notified. I'm just asking people on a boat or a jet-ski to be careful."

Last year, a speedboat sliced through a young male porpoise and left it for dead - sparking fury from a local environmentalist.

David Nairn, who runs the Clyde Porpoise group which monitors marine wildlife on the Clyde, called for more robust regulations following the incident which happened near the council's RNLI Largs Slip.