A PLAN to provide renewable energy at Hunterston could become a reality - and bring a local jobs boost.

Proposals for a ground-breaking cryogenic energy storage system at Hunterston Marine Construction Yard have been unveiled..

The proposed development will generate 49.9MW of electricity - and is expected to create around ten jobs.

The cryogenic energy storage system comprises three main processes: a charging system, an energy store, and power recovery.

It turns ambient air into liquid, stores the liquid air in tanks and, when needed, expands the liquid air into a gas which generates electricity.

The patented technology draws on established processes from the turbo machinery, power generation and industrial gas sectors

A screening request for an environmental impact assessment has been made to North Ayrshire Council by RSK Environment Ltd, representing applicants Highview Power Limited.

Their chief executive and president Dr Javier Cavada says he is on a 'mission to drive the international deployment of liquid air energy storage technology'.

The Hunterston development would comprise of cylindrical storage tanks with a maximum height of up to 50m, together with a charger liquefier, generator, control room and ancillary plant, with an overall footprint of just over three hectares.

As a ‘clean’ technology, there will be no generation of polluting emissions and local air quality will not be impacted.

Highview Power is described as 'a global leader in long-duration energy storage solutions', have also announced plans to construct the UK’s first commercial cryogenic energy storage facility (also referred to as liquid air) which will be located at a decommissioned thermal power station in North of England.

The firm says it is developing a portfolio of projects in the UK and is in the process of securing sites designed to 'further the UK’s strong move towards its clean energy goals and help it meet the expected global demand for energy storage.'

The company website states: "Growing demand, changing consumption, increasing intermittency: the energy market is under pressure. The world needs an affordable, scalable solution that can store energy for many hours – even days.

"Highview Power’s CRYOBattery delivers, clean, reliable, and cost-efficient long-duration energy storage to enable a 100% renewable energy future."

The council's environmental health department have told the News that ground investigations and a noise impact assessment will be required to be undertaken as part of the initial planning process.