A TALENTED Millport businessman whose Andy Warhol-style Crocodile Rock t-shirts became tourist 'must-have' gifts has passed away.

Chris Boyle, 62, was knocked off his bike near Falkirk and suffered a head injury and blood clot.

He was recovering before suffering a massive heart attack last Wednesday morning at Forth Valley Royal Hospital.

Chris and wife Jennifer have run the successful Millport Breaks company on Cumbrae for ten years and had three dog-friendly properties in Crawford Street, Rose Cottage and Kelburn Street.

Speaking to the News, Jennifer said: "Chris was a quiet man, tall and broad - he was a big gentle giant.

"He always had a huge amount of affection for Millport so when the opportunity came to buy a property on the island he leapt at the chance.

"Chris enjoyed cycling, music and computing and he also had a very enjoyable job as a lecturer of IT and creative animation.

"He was very studious but left university when he was youngster without completing his degree. He went back in later life and completed it at Open University and got a teaching qualification."

Chris was a popular face on the island and Jennifer told the News that the Millport Breaks business will continue.

The firm has been a strong supporter of the Save the Waverley campaign and also contributed to the Millport Town Hall community fund effort.

Chris's passion for all things Cumbrae resulted in the launch of the 'Millport Rocks' company three years ago.

Jennifer said: "If there was a classic car display or a table top sale, Chris would be there with all his different designs There were Crocodile Rock t-shirts, guitar plectrums fridge magnets and badges all with different designs based on Millport - but the Andy Warhol-style design with four Crocodile Rocks was by far the most popular."

Asked about where Chris's passion for Millport stemmed from, Jennifer said: "It is because it is so unique, small and perfectly formed. He just loved it.

"His birthday was on September 27 which normally coincided with the September weekend celebration and we always enjoyed the fireworks display as he was under the distinct impression that the fireworks were for his birthday!"

Jennifer says she plans to scatter Chris's ashes on the island.