AN island deli which has managed to stay open throughout the pandemic is now facing a supply crisis.

Brian Williamson, who owns Crocodeli in Millport, says he has faced unprecedented problems sourcing everything from croissants to fine wines in recent weeks.

Classed as an essential food supplier, the premises was able to stay open during lockdown, and carried out lifeline deliveries to the Cumbrae community.

Brian said: "We are a family-run business and we felt that even during the worst of the pandemic we were able to keep going.

"We have had a good summer, Millport was mobbed and that was amazing for business. It was quite a contrast to lockdown last April and May when we had beautiful sunshine yet there wasn't a soul on the island."

But Brian says the supply crisis that has seen fuel shortages across the country is now hitting businesses like his.

He said: "At the cash and carry I am beginning to see certain items run out and it has become quite unpredictable from week to week what will be in stock.

"There have been difficulties in the supply chain, it is obvious. Tthere is no consistency in terms of what is suddenly unavailable, one week it can be Italian red wine, the next it can be mayonnaise.

"A lot of it is down to not only the fact that they don't have the stock but they don't have the drivers to logistically get it to us.

"We ran out of Brewdog recently, and that was down to the driver shortage. It makes running a place like Crocodeli quite difficult."

The deli opened in 2014 and was founded with the aim of completely changing people's perception about convenience food.

Brian added: "We understand the emphasis placed on healthy eating from the younger generations but now the older ones are picking up on that as well.

"Our expertise can help people identify convenience foods that can be made with high-quality, EU-grown ingredients."