THE new owner of one of Largs most iconic businesses has told how he 'fell in love with the town' - after moving 8,500 miles to start a new life by the sea.

Siggi Jungnitz, 66, has taken over Deli il Cardo on Main Street business from John Corrigan and brings with him more than 50 years of experience in the catering industry.

The German native moved around South Africa and Namibia after leaving his home country at 19, and has now settled in Scotland with his Aberdonian wife Karen.

Siggi explained: “I lived in South Africa for a long time and I ran pubs, nightclubs and canteens as a career.

“My wife and I decided to make the big move to Scotland and we originally stayed in Aberdeen, but we were told about Largs and immediately fell in love with it.

“We came for a weekend and I immediately knew it was exactly where I wanted to set up home. It was just now I envisaged Scotland before I moved here.

“We took over the deli a few weeks ago and it just ticks all the boxes for us. Everyone knows everyone in the town and it is just such a friendly place.”

Siggi says he is hoping to add to the success of the business and make sure that Largs residents can still get their fix of 'little Italy'.

He said: “I’ve been there many times and their culture and food is just amazing, what’s not to like about the country?

“The Italians love to sit outside and watch the world go past with a coffee. Unfortunately we can’t quite do that here outside of the summer but we would love to recreate that vibe inside. People have already said to me that you can’t get the experience we offer anywhere else in the area.”

Siggi has praised the community for their warm welcome to the town.

He said: “We’ve only been here for a few weeks and people greet me like I’ve been here for a decade.

“Largs is such a friendly place. It is exactly what I expected coming to Scotland from South Africa.”