THE appearance of a giant pothole on a road near to Largs seafront has sparked anger among locals.

The hazard is one of many on a crater-filled stretch at Sandringham that has residents up in arms.

Andy Adair, who lives on the street, is calling on the council to take urgent action before someone is hurt or a car is badly damaged.

He claims the road also suffers from bad subsidence and has become a 'nightmare' to drive on. He also says parking is now an issue due to the frequency of the holes and cracks.

Andy, who is also a community councillor, says that the road used to be in better condition when it was in private ownership - but says standards have slipped since it was adopted by the council.

The 82-year-old activist said: "If it is an adopted road, as the council says it is, then it is their duty to maintain it - and at the moment, it is a mess.

"There are huge holes along along the way, and there is bad subsidence with cars bumping up and down as they go down the road.

"It's an important access for the five closes and I am not going to let this issue go. Something needs done before someone is hurt.

"These craters could wreck the suspension of a car, which is expensive to fix - and the council would be liable."

Andy told the News that he was hoping to arrange a residents' meeting over the coming weeks to address matters around the state of the road.