THE release of a refrigerant gas during the ongoing decommissioning of Hunterston A has been revealed at a recent nuclear summit.

Hunterston 'A' bosses reported two environmental incidents at the station during its decommissioning phase linked to their air conditioning units.

Earlier this year, the release of fluorinated gases was noticed.

These are powerful man-made gases that can stay in the atmosphere for centuries and contribute to a global greenhouse effect.

The incidents formed part of a report to the recent Hunterston site stakeholders meeting.

Acting site director Alastair Walker said: "There were two environmental events between April 2021 and June 2021.

"During the replacement of two air conditioning units, a loss of fluorinated gas from each of the old units was identified.

"New units have been installed, commissioned and are now in service."

A Magnox spokesperson said: "During the replacement of two faulty administration building office air conditioning units, similar to those used in domestic premises, it was identified that a total of less than 8kg of gas had been lost to the atmosphere in the 12 months since the previous routine maintenance of the units.

"It is widely recognised that refrigerant gases used in air conditioning units can escape from the systems over time and are known to contribute to environmental issues.

"This is what happened in this case and the units were replaced with new units to minimise to the potential for future leaks.

"As part of our open reporting culture, the events were passed to SEPA.

"There was no immediate hazard presented by the very gradual release of this gas."