POLICE have launched an appeal for information after a spate of 'hit and runs' in the car park of a Largs supermarket.

A number of cars have been damaged whilst parked in Morrisons in recent weeks - and police say more may have gone unreported.

Sergeant Donald Fisher, of Largs Police, told the News drivers should always stop in an accident occurs.

He said: "We have seen an increase in reports, but are also aware of others posted online which don’t always end up being reported to the police.

"Supermarket car parks such as Morrisons do fall within the law, despite it being private land.

"When a collision causing damage or injury occurs, then the driver must stop and give their name and address to the other party.

"If it is not possible to leave the details, or no person is requiring them, then the driver must report the matter to police within 24 hours - to not do so is an offence."

The latest incident occurred at 1.30pm on December 24.

Sergeant Fisher said: "A car collided with parked car causing damage and then failed to stop to leave details. If you can assist, contact 101."