A POT-HOLE rutted road in Largs was finally resurfaced after an EIGHT YEAR campaign by residents - only for it to be dug up again a few weeks later.

Brisbane Street became so bumpy that delivery vans and taxis avoided it and vibrations from passing vehicles could be felt in neighbouring households.

The council's road department finally started the long-awaited upgrade in November, going over budget to get the work complete, however, an emergency order was requested by housing developers at the site of the former Queens Hotel - resulting in part of the street being ripped up again.

Irate resident John Knowles has been one of those campaigning to have the notorious road repaired.

He said: "I couldn't believe it when they decided to dig up the new road to put a new sewer in.

"One of the local residents rang up the council to ask what was going on and was told that an emergency notice order had been put in for the site.

"How you can have an emergency at a new development?

"It is supposed to be a minimum of six months after a road has been re-laid before it can be dug up again. We waited nearly nine years for it to be fixed and then this happens. It is a disgrace."

Conservative councillor Tom Marshall told the News he will take the matter to the house builder to make sure road is repaired to the same standard.

He added: "Any contractor can ask for permission to open up the road, but the onus is then on them to reinstate it.

"I will make sure this happens. The developers are asking for offers over £250,000 for the flats, so there is plenty of money clearly to get the matter sorted."

Largs Community Council chairman Robbie Stevenston says he has sympathy for residents' plight.

He said: "Timing is everything in these matters.

"It is unfortunate that the road was just re-laid and then this happens."

Independent councillor Ian Murdoch added: "I complained about the situation and have raised it with North Ayrshire Council. To my mind it shows a lack of joined up thinking.

"The council said last year they were intending to resurface four roads but they only managed two - with one being Brisbane Street."