SECTION of Largs prom and the beach will be fenced off this year to allow works to begin on the new £3 million upgrade on the town's sea wall.

New details have been released about the project which will cover a 300 metre stretch between the lifeboat station and Aubery Crescent.

The project update is contained within a new report which is being presented to North Ayrshire Council planners next week.

Protection works for the existing seawall structure will likely last for three weeks, while the new seawall installation itself will last nine and the backfilling and paving eight. The works will take place in tandem.

The document warns locals to prepare for 'noise nuisance, dust and traffic disruption."

The report adds: "The proposed works are likely to cause temporary disturbances to residents, visitors, local businesses, beach goers, and recreational users of the immediately adjacent marine area. However, they are necessary for the long term use and enjoyment of the Largs promenade."

New steps will be provided to facilitate access to the shoreline with the current steps - which are currently fenced off - deemed too dangerous.

The report also states: "The proposal will involve construction works within the marine area and the retained height will vary from approx one to four metres."

The original sea wall was constructed from reinforced concrete in the 1970s. As it decayed, it was sprayed with a concrete facing, but this has since failed and become detached from the 1970s concrete structure.

There are high levels of corrosion of the existing wall reinforcement, with patches of exposed reinforcement visible throughout the length of the wall. High levels of chloride ingress to the existing concrete wall have also been identified.

The height of the replacement seawall structure will be as per the existing seawall

The existing handrail along the promenade will be removed and stored for reuse.

An environmental impact assessment screening opinion into the development has been applied for before work, which has been scheduled for the spring, can begin.