A TALENTED Largs novelist used lockdown to save up and self-publish her debut book.

Sarah Graham, 60, has been a short story writer for several years but penned her first novel, ‘Princess Charmer', during lockdown.

She says the pandemic allowed her the time and money to make her writing debut.

Sarah explained: “It kind of started by accident because I was writing a short story and it really just took off from there.

“When we were in lockdown last year I thought I would try and get it published, I had tried a few places but I wasn’t having any luck.

“I was working part time but because we were stuck inside, I was able to save the money to publish the novel myself.

“I am so happy with how it has turned out and it does feel quite strange to say I am now a published author.”

Sarah says she is delighted with the final result.

She said: “I moved to Largs seven years ago and I was struggling to find a job, so I joined a writers' group and my passion grew from there.

“The novel is about two young adults who are ready to go to college, but they are writing a comic and their stories start creeping into their real life.

“I just collated some ideas over the years and it slowly came together, but I am really happy with the final story.”

Sarah says the novel has been a hit since going on sale on Amazon.

She explained: “The novel has been out for a short time and I have had great feedback from friends and family already.

“It does feel strange though as I waited to long to say I had a published piece of work and now I've achieved it and I'm thinking 'what comes next?'.

“I’m always working on bits and pieces of writing but I’m not sure if I will have a crack at another novel. It is hard work."

You can check out Sarah’s novel at www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1912680580.