LARGS and Cumbrae residents have been sharing their memories of Hunterston B Nuclear Power Station after it was switched off for the final time.

The station stopped generating electricity at midday on Friday and marked the occasion with a blast of steam from the reactor.

Crowds of onlookers gathered within view of reactor number four as it was halted after 46 years.

Residents in surrounding towns and villages have been recalling their memories of the station over the past five decades.

Michael Smith said: “I remember going to a family open day when the plant opened in the 1970s and getting a tour, although I didn’t understand much of it.”

Rikki Black added: “It was a sad day, my brother worked nearly all his days there, as did my brother-in-law."

Locals have also been giving their thoughts on what the closure of the station will mean for the area.

Laurie Clark said: “Scotland produces more energy than it uses, it has never needed nuclear energy.

“We have enough hydroelectric to supply Scotland, and now we have more wind and tidal energy than every other country in the world except Canada.

“These plants were built to supply our near neighbours with electricity."

Raymond Deacon said: “It is sad as it will hit the local economy."

Allan Seini added: “It is very sad. It brought a lot of money and workers into the area.”

Since the station came online in 1976, it has produced enough zero-carbon electricity to power every home in Scotland for nearly 31 years.

The carbon saved by the station, when compared to gas generation, is like taking every car off Scotland’s roads for 19 years.