TAILS are wagging as an ambitious plan for a dog park in Largs seem set to bear fruit – with organisers hoping to open its gates this year.

The idea was the brainchild of dog lover Laura Crumlish, who started a drive to create the space where pets can roam free in August last year.

Laura insists that her vision for the site is ready to go once a suitable place is found in the town.

She said: “Since I put the idea out in the News last year, the response has been nothing short of amazing to be honest.

“Everything is planned down to the last toy for the dogs to play with in the field - the only thing holding me back is getting over the hurdle of trying to find the perfect place.

“I’m waiting on emails back from the council after I sent a list over of under 20 possible spots in Largs to have it.

“I've no doubt that we are going to see the town’s first dog park before the end of the year.”

Laura says that the community has got right behind her idea - and was even asked to speak about her plans on local radio.

She explained: “There’s really no words to describe how amazing the response has been from the community.

“I was even asked to speak about the plans on West FM and that really boosted the campaign right across Ayrshire.

“The Facebook group I set up to keep everyone updated has grown so much and the support from that has been great.

“I want to involve everyone with any of the ideas that I think of, allowing people to take a vote on ideas or contribute their own.”

Laura says there is still some work to do – but is hoping to have the dog park up and running before the end of 2022.

She said: “Everyone is already doing so much to support my idea, it's just about keeping the momentum up now to get it over the line.

“At the moment I am trying to decide what route to go down, whether residents want to pay for their time in the park or have it as a free place.

“My goal is to have this dog park open by summer - I know it’s not far away but once the land is found and secure everything will fall into place.

“I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone for their help, support and participation.”

For more information on the proposed park or to ask any questions, join the Largs Dog Park page on Facebook.