LARGS MSP Jamie Greene has shared the “overwhelmingly positive” results of a survey he conducted on the possibility of a dog park in the town.

Local lady Laura Crumlish contacted the Conservative MSP about how dogs in the town could benefit from a place to roam under the watchful eye of their owners.

In order to learn more about resident’s views on the proposals, Mr Greene launched an online survey of six questions and invited pet owners to take part.

The results show that 77 per cent of respondents were in favour of creating a dog park.

One resident said it would help “reduce the amount of dog muck on Largs streets” while another said a “secure area for the dogs to run would be beneficial for owners.”

Mr Greene says he is delighted by the positive responses and will be sharing them with North Ayrshire Council.

He added: “I’d like to thank all the Largs residents who responded – I’m delighted by the overwhelmingly positive results.

“There is a clear appetite for a dog park in Largs which could increase the wellbeing of owners and their dogs, reduce waste on streets and make things easier for those less able to walk their pet.

“I will be sharing these results with the council and seeking an update on possible sites.”