Candidates for the North Coast have made their final pleas to voters ahead of tomorrow’s local council elections.

Five people will be elected across the ward which includes Largs, Fairlie, Skelmorlie, Cumbrae, and West Kilbride and Seamill.

After weeks of campaigning, 12 candidates standing for the Scottish National Party, Scottish Labour, Socialist Labour, Conservative and Unionist, Scottish Greens, Alba Party, Liberal Democrats, Independence for Scotland and independents have issued their final message to voters.

Four incumbent councillors are contesting this election for the North Coast, with Labour councillor Alex Gallagher standing down.

The 12 candidates all say they will work for their constituents if elected - and are urging voters to back them as the area prepares to go to the polls.

Independent Ian Murdoch says he will always act in the best interest of the constituents he represents, if winning their vote.

He said: “If re-elected, I will work just as hard in this term as I have in the last five years. As an independent I will continue to prioritise local issues.”

First-time candidate Nick Hobson, standing for the Independence for Scotland party, says it would be an honour to represent the area.

He said: “The elections are about voting for local champions, so if you want someone who can do that for you then vote for me. It would be an honour to represent this fantastic ward.”

Conservative incumbent Tom Marshall added: “I bring to the job lots of experience. I have resolved many issues for constituents and I have promoted the North Coast within the council.”

The SNP’s Alan Hill said: “Only the SNP is standing sufficient councillors to remove Labour from power, so I would ask readers to join us and work with us to build a better future for the North Coast.”

The Scottish Liberal Democrats’ Margaret McLellan believes only she can offer new direction to North Coast voters moving forward.

She said: “After all we’ve been through in the past two years, we all need new hope and you will only find that through me and the Scottish Liberal Democrats.”

Scottish Labour's Valerie Reid said: "Vote for me for a local candiadte with a strong knowledge of local issues and how best to resolve them."

Independent and community activist Wendy Low Thomson has thanked locals for their support during a tough election campaign.

She said: “I would like to wish all the other candidates standing good luck. I can’t thank everyone around me enough for their support in my first time standing. They have been great assisting me in planning and duties like delivering leaflets.”

Conservative candidate Todd Ferguson is encouraging voters to head to the polls, no matter who they support.

He said: “My advice to readers would be to elect who you believe will be the best for your local community - just make sure you go out and vote for whoever that may be.”

SNP candidate Eleanor Collier added: “If you vote both votes SNP tomorrow, we will continue to build on previous successes, improve the lives of North Coast residents, support local businesses and help protect the environment.”

James McDaid, standing for the Socialist Labour Party, said: "If I am elected I will hold regular councillor surgeriesand get out into the community  to meet and actively make myself known."

Jane Fraser, candidate for the Alba Party, added: “On May 5, vote Jane Fraser for Alba for Independence Party.”

Also contesting the election is David Nairn of the Scottish Greens.