TRAVELLERS who set up camp in the grounds of Hunterston have been served with an eviction notice.

Peel Ports applied for the order after an encampment took over work site area on their land.

A decree of eviction has now been granted at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court instructing the group to leave Hunterston Port and Resource Centre immediately.

A Peel Ports spokesperson added: “We have a duty of care for the health and safety of anyone on our sites and it would not be responsible of us to allow the group to remain at a working port.”

North Ayrshire Council confirmed that they are aware of the encampment.

A spokesperson said: "In line with Scottish Government guidelines, North Ayrshire Council considers travellers to be a minority ethnic community.

"The council recognises travellers right to a nomadic life and respects that travellers may wish to maintain a travelling way of life as part of their cultural identity.

"There should be no discrimination against travellers because of their way of life or culture."

North Ayrshire Council employs a dedicated encampment officer, whose main duties include coordinating the council's response to unauthorised sites, identifying welfare and supporting the needs of travellers.

The encampment officer works with Police Scotland, relying on their support when visiting sites.